Owning a septic tank is something that many people have to do and you may have many questions including How much does it cost to empty my septic tank? How do I find my septic tank? What can I flush? What can’t I flush? In the majority of cases, it is because you are unable to rely on public water systems, perhaps for being in rural areas or because the system isn’t functioning in your interest.

Either way, it is usually not something that people choose for preference and so, plenty of people do not know the ins and outs of their system. We understand that entirely and you are not to blame. To be able to help you get a better understanding of the job, before we pump or service your system, please read some of the frequently asked questions below.

How much does it cost to empty septic tank?

How Much Does It Cost to Empty My Septic Tank?

Emptying a septic tank is something that you do every few years. For the amount of waste that is collected and the amount of work needed to empty it, prices are typically very fair. The average price of a pumping job comes in at about $500 in Canada, however, that could be a bit cheaper or more expensive, depending on other factors. To give you a price, we will take into account the size of your tank, the time since the last clean, how long is needed to finish the service, as well as a number of other things.

How Do I Find a Septic Tank?

You may think finding your septic tank is going to be easy, given how large it is. However, every part is usually buried underground, including the lid, which can make finding it a bit trickier. If you are not the original owner of the home, this can be even more difficult, but it is still possible. You should follow any sewage lines in your crawl space, consult county records, inspect your yard for any rises or falls, find the tank lid or simply ask one of your neighbors.

What Can’t I Flush?

It is easy to flush something down the toilet and forget about it then and there. But you need to be staying conscious of what you are flushing, as many things can have a negative impact on your tank. Certain chemicals and substances can kill off the bacteria, including things like antifreeze, pesticides, paint, grease and oils. Equally, you want to be avoiding any additional solid materials, especially ones which aren’t easily broken down. That can include your garbage disposal waste, wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, condoms, cat litter, diapers and a whole host of other things.

Are Septic Tanks Environmentally Friendly?

Whilst it may seem like these aren’t as good for the environment as a dedicated plant, they are typically much more environmentally friendly. Septic tanks work with the power of naturally occurring bacteria. These break down many of the substances in your wastewater and pave the way for it to return to groundwater below. It completely recycles the water in your tank, without the need for any chemicals and additives, which are used in the handing of sewage in public plants.

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